There are some difference between RGB and CMYK

There are some difference between RGB and CMYK



When you print architectural perspective images, do you feel something strange about between on a monitor and printed.
Before we start to make images, we need to confirm RGB or CMYK in photoshop or illustrator.
It’s really important to make images for designer.
But the principle is simple. Don’t think it hard please.
Anyway, Let’s explain about difference between RGB and CMYK.

RGB is addictive colors, CMYK is subtractive colors

This is really simple.
RGB is addictive colors. It’s called “three primary colors of light”. It’s expressed by “light”
It is supposed to be getting white if colors is mixed.
CMYK is subtractive colors. It’s called “three primary colors of colors”.It’s expressed by “colors”
It is supposed to be getting black if colors is mixed.
And more, It’s not possible to have gold and silver.

What’s the difecence between RGB and CMYK

People who make images have question like that. I can explane it easily.
RGB is monitors. CMYK is paper. that’s it.
If there are printed one and on the monitor one.
When you compare both of it in the dark, you can see monitor one because it’s bright.
on the other hand, you can’t see printed one clealy in the dark because it’s not bright.
This is the diference between RGB and CMYK.
RGB is really bright because it’s colors of light. CMYK is not.

And more, if you change the type of colors RGB to CMYK. It’s supposed to be a little dark.
Be careful.

Why RGB and CMYK are different when that is printed

I explained about both of RGB and CMYK above. But why the color is different when those are printed.
That’s why a printer never make RGB color. paper and printed color never be bright.
For the reason, everything that printed color is always CMYK.
If you want to print something by RGB, that must be changed CMKY.

Way to distingish RGB and CMYK for industry

In printing industry, people in industry always use CMKY because printed color is always CMYK difinitely.
When you make something images, please make sure to check CMYK or not.
Because if you do it in advance, it will get collect color closer when it is printed.
on the other hand, displayed color on a monitor is RGB.
Of couse, when you make something image for architecture, be sure to do RGB. Photoshop as well
But, in the case of Illustrator is depends on the situation. Make sure to check RGB or CMYK before you start.


Difference of RGB and CMYK is simple.
We have to consider about RGB and CMYK before we start making images.
this is the most basic for creater, but a few of people tell us about it.
I’m really happy if you read this article and understand about both of RGB and CMYK.