This is my desk for architectual visualization

This is my desk for architectual visualization

This is my desk

I’ve been cleaning my desk always.
I get home after I clean my desk definitely.
If there are some significant documents on the desk, I file it.
Basicaly, If there are some documents on the desk always, it’s not inportant.
If you are an architectual visualizationer, you should clrean your desk.

Before work

I’m not cleanly parson but i don’t like messy on my desk.
I clean my desk when I get gome.
Therefore, my desk is like that always when I get my office.

my desi before work

Working state

Working state is like that.
I always use dual monitor and this tenkey.
I put it away in my drawer when i get gome.

working state

About monitor

I think It’s necessary to have dual monitor for all of architectual visualization designers.
That’s not problem to have dual monitors.
But, If there is dual monitor, It’s really useful.
The left monitor is main monitor. Right one is sub monitor that used for searching of reference.
my monitor is eizo that is more expensive than others.
Left one is square shape that is really easily to watch layer of CAD.

About tenkey

It’s necessary to have a tenkey for me.
The reason is simple.
I don’t want to take my mouse hand off when I use CAD.
there is tenkey on the keyboard usually.
When I type number, I have to take my mouse hand off.
That’s not efficient.
But, If the tenkey is next to the keyboard, I can type the number keeping to have my mouse.
To type the number takes a lot of time to get used to do.
If you can get used to type number by left hand that’s really useful.
A bluetooth tenkey is not recommendation.
I posted the article for tenkey that is “recommendation of tenkey
If you are curious about tenkey, you should watch it.


This might be the most important things for me.
I have to sit in front of a computer all day.
I have pain in my elbow when I use computer for a while.
I use cushions to reduce pain.

knowledge as professional

I think you don’t have to make visual image correctly.
But, you should make it correctly.
This is knowledge as professional.
I have other knowledge for visual image below
– use monitor of eizo
– Don’t put finger print on the monitor
– clean my desk always etc…

my rules

We should make may rules for visual image.
during making visual image, I have some rules below
– the more you make detail the more close to camera
– when make groove, I make just line first
– I can put everything on 0 layer because I don’t load 0 layer etc…

I have other rules a lot.
But, to have rules for visual image is really important
If you think so, let’s give it a try!!